How to Improve Your Handwriting


Improving handwriting is something not to many people give a lot of thought. However, a good handwriting can be of advantage to you particularly if you are still a student. In fact, a good handwriting can sometimes end up in getting you and quality overall score. In some cases, the very fact that you have a good handwriting could give the person grading you a sort of placebo effect and this could mean better marks as they carry on grading. If you are concerned about your handwriting because you have had your teacher or others complain to you about how you write, then maybe it is time you thought about improving that handwriting. It could also be that you simply also cannot read your own handwriting and the worst has come to the worst. Well, here are some tips on how you can improve your handwriting.

Learn From a Friend

If you copy hard copy notes in class, then you probably have that one friend with the amazing handwriting, that one person who even has the best cursive handwriting. You can always ask your friend if you can borrow their book and then try to shape your letters the way they do. If they have some extra time on their hands then they could show you a few tips on how to hold your pen or pencil and then how to shape the letters correctly.

Consider Your Work Surface

Choosing to write on a comfortable surface like a desk will help provide you with a stable platform. It is much better that writing on your knee or any other unbalanced or rough surface. The work surface not only means the desk you put your paper on, but also the pen you choose to use. In most cases, your choice of pen can affect how you write. It is important to note that it can be very challenging to control how you write letters if you are using a fountain pen with a high ink flow.

Hold Your Pen Well

For you to produce quality handwriting practice for kids, you have to give your pen a firm and controlled grip. This while help you navigate the lines well. You need to ensure that you have your shoulders relaxed and your elbows should be kept at an anchor.

Get Some Tutorials on the Internet

You can always look up some tutorials online to help you learn different kinds of beautiful handwriting styles. In fact you will find that some of them are video tutorials that are absolutely free to watch.


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