Advantages of Having An Improved Handwriting


The world is quickly changing today. Technology is the core of everything. With information technology things such as laptops and tablets are being introduced in schools at very early stages and the art of handwriting is quickly disappearing. However, there are still some places that hold this art dear and in fact, it is considered one of the key elements during grading. Handwriting is very important and this is something all teachers will agree upon. If you have had people complaining about not being able to read your writing then you should know that there are some advantages to having an improved handwriting. Some of which are highlighted below.

Improves Brain Activity

Here is a fun fact! This is probably something you have never heard before but it is true. Studies have shown that handwriting has the ability to generate neural impulses that promote memory and attention. It is a lot like drawing and it engages the brain in the process of connecting and forming letters. The more conscious you are about forming your letters, the more structured and improved your handwriting becomes. A good handwriting can help clear your thoughts and allow you to express your written work more precisely. It is a great form of brain exercise that activates important brain regions; these regions deal with language and memory as well as other mental processes such as thinking.

Helps One to Become More Creative

Writing your thoughts on paper helps you get in touch with yourself. Improved handwriting recognition allows you to put faces on letters, get personal with your words and even emphasize or deemphasize words. Unlike keyboard typing, which encourages conformity to a list of pre-chosen fonts, handwriting gets you in touch with your thoughts in a creative and unique way.

Improves Performance

Studies have shown that a neat handwriting has a direct influence on how teachers grade essays. This is because handwriting has the ability to make a permanent impression on the reader. Improving your handwriting can give the teacher a positive impression of your work before they even begin grading and this can be advantageous to you. Students write their papers with ease when using a pen because it is faster for them. They are able to easily accept their ideas and articulate them much faster than while on computers.

Less Trouble with Teachers

Improving your handwriting will mean your teachers call you out less on stuff like that in class. If you want to avoid this then you can work on improving the quality of how you write. Try the best handwriting lessons here!


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